Add a New Tradition to Your Thanksgiving Holiday Table With This Giveaway

Thanksgiving is all about gathering with family to celebrate traditions both old and new. And this year, we’re inviting you to add a new tradition to your Thanksgiving celebration with our Fresco Turkey Stoneware Plates.


Whether paired with a mix of fall-colored Thanksgiving dinnerware or simple white china, these plates will stand out on your table. Another element we love from this table setting? The elegant calligraphy Β name tags attached to the red pears.

We’re offering five fans the opportunity to win a set of these plates. To enter, just fill out the form below, and make sure to also let us know if you add special name tags to place settings to your Thanksgiving table. Β (Official rules found here.)

Thank you for reading, this contest is now closed.


I love this charming place setting!! I do not host this holiday in my family but if I did, I think place cards would be a wonderful addition to a beautiful table!!

I like using mini pumpkins for nametags! I cut a notch in the top of the pumpkin before resting a placecard in the notch up against the stem.

Love these plates! I have a plate wall display and love switching them out by season- don’t have anything for Thanksgiving yet, would love to display these. I took a calligraphy class a couple of years ago and put it to good use when I can to do name tags!

I haven’t thought to add name tags to our Thanksgiving table because we have such a large extended family that comes, but these plates are absolutely gorgeous and I think I’d definitely have to start!

I’d probably make place cards if I had more free time. Cooking dinner and caring for my infant at the same time is going to be a fun balancing act this year! πŸ™‚

Love them! We put down a painters drop cloth for our thanksgiving table cloth and let the kids decorate it with sharpie markers with the theme “What are you grateful for?” Its very creative and makes for nice conversation starters at the table. The kids have a great time contributing to the thanksgiving festive table.

Fun plates to celebrate the day! If we have enough people place cards are a nice touch adding a little elegance and etiquette to the day.

I host Thanksgiving and these would be a beautiful addition to our holiday table! Pottery Barn has inspired our home and tables for years πŸ™‚

I LOVE to incorporate personalization at all of our family events!! Thanksgiving is my favorite Holiday to host, and Turkeys are my favorite thing to decorate with!!

I am getting married this year and cannot wait to have our families over for Thanksgiving. These plates would go perfectly with our china! I hope we win!

Usually, I don’t add name tags but I think I will start this year. I saw a cute ideal of attaching the name tag to the stem of a fruit.

Family members have always hosted for Thanksgiving. The gatherings are somewhat informal, so place cards have not been used. Some year when it’s my turn to host, I look forward to having place cards as a part of the table setting.

Love, love, love the plates. I usually involve the little kiddos with name tags whether making them with different candies/foods and or have them make the tags with their original art work. πŸ™‚

I love these plates. Every year I wish I had them. I try to get creative and leave a cute treat of some kind by my guests seating along with there place cards. My guests love it.

Getting married in July- these would be the perfect edition to make first married Thanksgiving table!! And, yes, always make place cards.

Love love love entertaining, holidays, family and good food and setting an attra tive table is of paramount importance.

Normally we don’t do name tags for Thanksgiving. It would but super cute at Christmas to make them look like gift tags.

My daughter and I love making pretty name cards. We print them out on pretty paper using fun fonts in Word. It’s an opportunity for her to gain word processing skills and get creative at the same time. Not to mention the fun of working together on a project!

I’ve never done nametags! Our family dinners are huge, I’m not sure how well it would work out. For a smaller gathering I think it would be fun to do!

Place cards are a must for our family get togethers! Not only are they fun to make, but they make the table setting so much prettier! I love them and I love these plates, always have, always will!

I do always make some sort of placecard for each person, even though we don’t usually have all that many people. But it’s fun to come up with different ideas/favors for guests to make them feel just a little bit more special and Fall is such an incredible bounty of possibilities as far as ideas go!

last christmas, we did mini stockings with everyone’s name on them to hold their silverware. for thanksgiving, i attached a name tag to the napkin ring at each plate.

My mom just purchased these plates. They are even nicer looking in person. I would love to win a set as it is my year to host Thanksgiving ; )Yes, some years I do name tags. Every year I do a little “gift” at each place setting. Usually a Fran’s chocolate truffle in a box; sometimes, fancy after dinner mints placed in little nylon bags, etc. I always do candles. We dim the chandelier and light all the candles (tall skinny ones; short ones). It makes it extra cozy!

Me encanta pottery barn ya tengo decorada mi Mesa pero honestamente nunca he puesto nombres a Los lugares, cada aΓ±o compro un poco mas de decoracion para mi Mesa espero este aΓ±o este mas completa, con Los platos y con Los nombres mio y de mis hijos Por lo menos.

I don’t use name tags, because people never seem to like that, here. But I love the turkey plates. Reminds me of the huge turkey platter my mom and grandmother always used for the turkey on Thanksgiving Day.

This will be our first time hosting Thanksgiving for a large group. I think I’ll just let everyone find a seat. maybe next year I’ll change my mind! πŸ™‚

Sometimes I write names on fall-colored leaves with a gold gel pen, other times I will take fall fruit (apples, pears, mini pumpkins) & tie homemade name tags around the stems & place in middle of plates.

I will be moving from San Diego, CA, to the midwest in the next coming weeks and I look forward to setting my first Thanksgiving table in our new home. I’m all about tradition so these plates and name tags would go hand in hand.

I have my kids make the name tags for holiday place settings – it keeps them entertained while I am in the kitchen preparing the meal and is a special way for them to welcome guests into our home!

One of our favorite Thanksgiving table tags was when we collected real fall leaves and actually wrote on the leaves with a fine-tip Sharpie with cursive penmanship & swirls.
But our real tradition is that we always, always, always have family members and guests write down something they are THANKFUL for… and we read them aloud. Then we feel like we had a Thanksgiving meal, not just another family dinner.

What a difference a seasonal plate can make for a charming place setting, I love the rustic place card too! It adds a special touch.

I don’t use place cards it’s just me and the hubby! However what a neat idea and it would go with our country style home.

Perfect for my wall! I change plates according to the season. These are beautiful…..and even the right colors! I want to WIN.

I never use nametags. I’ve experienced the frustration of being seated between people with whom I have nothing in common and no common ground for conversation. I prefer to have my guests determine their own places.

I’ve never used nametags for holiday meals, but may start if I win. The nametags in the photograph are genuinely warming.

We don’t use special name tags to place settings at our Thanksgiving table. We like to keep it warm and cozy even with large gatherings.

I love the idea for the name tag in the picture! We have never added special name tags to place settings at our Thanksgiving tables. We just everyone choose where they want to sit and go from there! We always use our best china and dress up in our Sunday best though!

I need new dinnerware for Thanksgiving and would love to share this one with my children and grandchildren! Very Festive plates!

I always add name tags. I love personalizing my table. I also write why I am thankful for that person on the tag!

ninigossett@gmail dot com
lemongreen915@gmail dot com

No, we have never used name tags for our dinners but those pictured are inspiring and a great idea to attach them to beautiful fruit!

Haven’t used name tags in the past but they certainly add a lovely touch to the table so plan to use them this year! Just LOVE those plates!

I love designing new name tags every year for my family’s place settings and love to get all the family members involved.

Always use nametags attached to a prop that guests can take with them…they add a special finishing touch that guests appreciate knowing they were that important part of the dinner celebration.

I love these small plates and they would be a great addition to my Holiday table as I host family, friends and a family that needs a little help. We don’t do name tages but we go around the table and share what we are thankful for as a way of getting to know our guest as we touch each others lives.

It’s my first time hosting and I’m so excited about it! I will use name tags and we are currently looking through the Pottery Barn catalog for ideas.

My family used to back when there were many of us at holiday dinners. Now we don’t because there is only 6 or 7 of us at holiday meals.

Nope, we don’t do name tags. It’s pretty much you get to set at whatever suits you…the cool 20somethings usually sit together. πŸ˜›

Yes, we always add special name tags to our dinner table. It makes my guest feel special and it’s something that my children and I enjoy doing together.


Never have used place cards and I always regret it because it is a great way to get unusual conversations going. This year I need to remember.

Every year my fiance and I make special tags for everyone’s names for the dinner table as well as the food on the buffet table! We started doing it a few years ago, and everyone loved it – so it’s a “new” tradition in my family!

Name tags are A MUST in my family!!! Some do not get along with others… PLUS, they are so flipping cute!!! πŸ™‚ The name tags that is!

Sometimes I add a name tag to each place setting. Last year I put a lottery ticket at each setting with the recipients name on the ticket. We all had fun scratching them and it kept the conversation going.

We always have name tags at our festive table… It’s kind of funny, cause we always sit in the same places at our Thanksgiving feast

I Have Little Pumpkin Name Tags …They are Too Cute…Would Love to add a Little Glam to my Table with this Stunning Table Setting.

I have “turkey” place card holders that I use each year. These beautiful plates would be a cheerful addition to my Thanksgiving table.

Last year, I tied a little craft brown tag (featuring my guests’ names written prettily) to some small, shiny green apples and placed them on the middle of the plates. They were a hit!

Place Tags are fun, creative and add a decorative element however they also help in being sure to have enough food for everyone! They also let every Guest know that you were emphatically expecting them.

No I don’t use name tags. Our family kinda has our own “set” clusters sittings when it comes to family events. We just go with the flow!

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