Everything You Need to Host a Star Wars Watch Party

Time to celebrate! We are officially less than a month away from the theatrical release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens™. And we’re only a little (OK, a whole LOT) excited. So excited, in fact, that we’re throwing a Star Wars marathon viewing party to prepare for Dec. 18, when Episode VI hits theaters. Can one family make it through six movies, The Original Trilogy and the Prequels, in one night? With the help of a Star Wars-themed snack bar and fun DIYs crafted by writer, Jenn Fujikawa, they certainly can!PBK Star Wars Party

Before getting cozy on the couch or settled in your Darth Vader chair (naturally!), create a snack station as epic as the films themselves. Here, Jenn outfitted us with Han Solo in Carbonite Jell-O (grape Jell-O prepared according to package instructions, with a Han Solo figurine added to the mixture before being chilled), Kessel Run Kettle Corn (salty sweet kettle corn mixed with candied nuts), Corellian Cranberry Corn (lightly salted popcorn, dried cranberries and chocolate-covered pretzels), Coruscant Caramel Corn (good ol’ caramel corn), Bantha Milk (milk with blue food gel coloring), and Ice Pop Lightsabers.

PBK SW plates pop

Wait. Did we say ice pop lightsabers? Yep! Since a fully-functioning lightsaber is probably not appropriate for a movie marathon, Jenn gave the ice pop its rightfully deserved lightsaber treatment by creating this felt sleeve. Get the DIY below to make one for you and your guests.

Lightsaber Ice Pop Sleeve DIY

Tools & Materials:

  • Black Felt
  • Gray Felt
  • Red Puffy Paint
  • Scissors
  • Glue Gun
  • Ice Pops


  1. Freeze the ice pops.
  2. Cut the black and gray felt into 3­.5” x 3­.5” pieces. Leave half of the cut pieces as full squares and cut the others into strips.
  3. Using a hot glue gun, glue the strips of the opposite colors down onto the width of the solid 3­1⁄2” square.
  4. Fold the felt in half and glue down two of the three sides, leaving one short side open.
  5. Add a dot of puffy paint to resemble the ON button of the lightsaber.
  6. Once the puffy paint has dried, slide the frozen ice pop into the open side of the holster to serve.

Mmmm, even Wookiees love ’em!

PBK SW Chewie Pop

Check back next week for a Chewbacca-themed DIY that’ll give you some happy feet!

Want to win a watch party prize pack for you and your family? Upload a picture to Instagram tagging @potterybarnkids telling us why your kid is the ultimate Star Wars fan using the hashtag #MyLittleJedi! Contest closes 12/18/15. Contest rules can be found here.

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Photography by Jenn Fujikawa

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