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Inspired Thanksgiving Decorating Vignettes

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Inspired to add some last-minute Thanksgiving decor to your home? Today we’re happy to share some beautiful decorating vignettes from Angela of Red Shoes Creative. We love the way that she’s mixed vintage finds, Pottery Barn pieces and natural elements to create a strong Thanksgiving theme.

What was your decorating scheme for Thanksgiving this year?

“I’d describe the scheme as an elegant abundance… made up of layers and layers of all sorts of things I love. The foundation to any of my decor plans always begins with my favorite Pottery Barn staples: candles, hurricanes, antique silver candlesticks and vases, acorn and fall leaves vase fillers, and of course my new favorite pieces from their mercury glass line. I’ve built on that PB foundation by adding vintage frames and books mingled with natural elements like raffia, twigs, pinecones and feathers to complete the look.”

Why is this Thanksgiving so special (I believe you mentioned it was the first one you’re celebrating as a married couple)?

“Yes… I was just recently married in June, so this is our very first Thanksgiving. We are hosting 14 people, including some family members who have never been to our home, and I wanted to make it a truly memorable occasion for everyone. We have so much to be thankful for this year, I wanted to set the scene in a fantastic way to really let people know how thankful we are for each and every one of them.”

What do you think is most important when decorating for Thanksgiving?

“I’m all about details & mixing and matching. For the table, I love the juxtaposition of mixing the brand new PB pieces we received as wedding gifts with pieces from my great grandmother’s china set that I inherited years ago. And I’ve used this same concept with the mantel decor… mixing wonderful new finds from PB with my other true love: vintage items — especially those that have a family history. In fact, the framed “Gather” print that hangs from a ribbon above our mantel is actually made of a vintage frame that was a gift to my own mother and father on their wedding day. I think it’s those sort of details that mean the most when family is gathered on a day like Thanksgiving.”

What are your tips for decorating effortlessly (or as near as that can get) for Thanksgiving?

“Decorate with things you love and have meaning to you and yours. If you put things together in a way that suits your own personal style, even it breaks all the typical decor rules. Don’t play it safe or try to mimic something that’s not ‘you’ … follow your own inspiration, that’s when it just ‘flows’.”

Why do you use Pottery Barn for Thanksgiving décor?

“What I love most about PB is the casual, cozy feeling their pieces bring to my home. It’s just welcoming… not stuffy, not too ornate or overblown, they just get it right,  every single time. And their items mix seamlessly with my favorite vintage pieces. This, to me, is what makes a house a home and welcomes everyone who joins us here.”

Source: Photos courtesy Angela Becker

Planning the Thanksgiving Menu: A Strong Finish

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While the turkey is of course the main event at the Thanksgiving meal, you can’t underestimate the importance of a delicious dessert. This year, we’re keen on the idea of serving something that’s individually sized, like these Southern Spiced Apple Pies with Crème Fraîche.(Find the recipe here — they’re actually quite easy to make.)

Individually sized desserts mean that you can eliminate squabbles over who gets the bigger piece of pie, and you can make just as many mini pies as you need for your celebration (or for the day after).

We think that this pie recipe perfectly complements our Rustic Thanksgiving party planner in both taste and aesthetic. Want to add extra style to your dessert table? Here are some suggestions to round out the look.
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Mercury Pumpkins and Natural Touches Star in This Reader’s Thanksgiving Decor

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One of our readers, Pam, just sent in some lovely inspirational images from her home, featuring autumn and Thanksgiving-related decor. We hope it inspires your own table and decor this year, too!
What do you love about Thanksgiving?

“I love Thanksgiving because it brings our family together! At present, our family is spread out among three different states, and on this occasion, we are united after months of being apart! We spend the day preparing and enjoying dinner, playing board games, talking, laughing and catching up on our busy lives!”

What are your thoughts for the decor this year for your table?

“The decor this year for our dining table is bringing the outdoors in, rustic mixed with a bit of elegance! Lots of faux leaves, antlers and acorns in combination with Pottery Barn’s mercury pumpkins and natural decorative turkeys! Also, I incorporated Pottery Barn’s plaid table runner in blue, chocolate, cream and rust!”

What do you think are the most important elements for a Thanksgiving table?

“The most important elements for a Thanksgiving table or any table decorations are layering and varying heights, textures and fabrics to add interest. This gives you an opportunity to play with your table and create a ‘scene.'”

Are you hosting this year? What tips or tricks do you have for decorating and entertaining on Thanksgiving?

“I am hosting this year and have always hosted for Thanksgiving. I begin weeks ahead with decorating, which is the fun part for me! The tables are set (breakfast and dining), mantels are decorated, seasonal pillows are on the sofas and the even the front porch is decorated and ready to welcome guests. Entertaining is a family operation:  I will do all the shopping; however, the family as a whole prepares the meal, providing us another opportunity to visit and work together in the kitchen! It’s a bonding experience!”

Why do you shop at Pottery Barn for this holiday?

“I shop at Pottery Barn all the time! You can walk into our home and think you are in Pottery Barn, excluding a few pieces here and there! I always joke that we should have a sign above our front door that reads, ‘Welcome to Pottery Barn’!  I’m a huge fan due to quality and the ability to mix and match fabrics and furniture, and I am always excited to see what new products are coming out next!”