You’ve Been Accepted To College! Now What?

You’ve spent the last four years of high school meticulously studying English and AP History, signing up for just about every extracurricular activity offered, and daydreaming about college life. Well, the time is finally here — you’ve been accepted! It’s all very exciting, but don’t forget: your acceptance letter is the starting line, not the end goal. Check out a few helpful tips on what to do next.

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First things first: celebrate! This is an exciting time, and you deserve to enjoy it to its fullest.

Follow up. Now that you’ve accepted your offer, tie up all the loose ends.

  • Politely decline your other offers, and remove your name from any wait lists from schools you’re no longer interested in.
  • Write personal thank-you notes to the teachers and tutors that helped you along the way (and wrote you those awesome recommendation letters).

Plug in. Keep up to date with events and news around your new community by following your college on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This is a great way to find out about events and activities that you can participate in right away.

Get involved. If your school is near your hometown, attend a sporting event, a charity effort or an art exhibit on campus to start learning more about your new school’s community. If your college is far away, find out if they have any events in your area for incoming students. Many schools host things all the way across the country (or even across the world!) for their students and alumni. Remember: they’re excited about you, too!

Show your pride. We bet you’re pretty excited about getting into your new school – and you should be! Pick up a school sweatshirt, or check out some of our collegiate accessories.

Ditch the senioritis. You’ve worked hard for this, and you’re probably feeling burnt out from the grueling application process. While it might be tempting to kick back and relax, keep working hard to maintain your grades to head off to school in good standing next fall.

So, now we need to know: where’d you get in?! Tell us in the comments below.

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