Your New Spring Color Palette from Sherwin-Williams and Pottery Barn

This year, we’re bringing new life to our homes with color. Whether it’s bold blues or soft neutrals, our new color palette of Sherwin-Williams colors refreshes and rejuvenates interiors just in time for Spring. It’s not hard to fall in love with these new colors, but what’s the best way to use them? We spoke to Jackie Jordan, Head of Color Marketing at Sherwin-Williams, who gave us her tips on how to use these colors at home.

sherwinwilliams3Q: How would you suggest bringing blues into the house?
A: Of all the hues, blue tops the chart as people’s favorite color whether it is navy blue, sky blue or anywhere in between. Bringing blue into a bedroom can create a sense of calm, as this hue is know for its soothing qualities. In a family room or game room I would also suggest a more dramatic tone like navy. Notes of red and white can bring a sense of Americana, or even a nautical feel, to the room depending on how you accessorize.

sherwinwilliams4Q: What types of neutral and warm colors work well with blues?
A: There are so many neutrals that work well with blue, but personally, I love using navy with crisp white for a fantastic seaside vibe. I also love using navy to create a more ethnic sensibility with Ikat and tribal prints.

Neutrals, ranging from khaki to beige, and even gray, pair well with blue, too. Think about the colors of natural baskets, driftwood and burlap.

To warm a blue hue, pair it with beautiful yellows, which also add a little country French aesthetic. Of course, red and navy is a classic, as well.
amandaproduct3Q: How would you suggest accenting with blues?
A: Blue also works well as an accent color in accessories, bedding, pillows and throws. Walls of gray, beige and white work nicely as a backdrop to blue accents.

Q: What colors in the new palette really feel like spring and summer to you, and why?
A: The colors in the new palette that feel like spring and summer to me are Cupola Yellow, Red Tomato, Naval and Extra White. These colors evoke sunshine, fresh vegetables, seashore vacations and white linens drifting in a warm breeze, an awakening from that winter slumber.

sherwinwilliams6Q: How would you use these colors in your home?
A: I would use Cupola Yellow in a kitchen accented with navy bowls and natural baskets filled with fresh summer tomatoes. To freshen up the outdoors I would add some navy and white pillows to my porch or sunroom creating a crisp, fresh energy.


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