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Work it: An Inside Look at the PBteen Team

Alexis Braun, Senior Textile Designer 

This month, we sat down with Alexis Braun, who designs bedding, towels and other textiles for PBteen. Check out the video, and read her Q&A below!

1. How would you describe your style?

I’d say it’s West Coast casual. I ride my bike to work, so I try to keep things simple – and I like to mix dots, stripes and plaids with my staple solids.

2. What’s one thing you’ve designed for PBteen that you’re especially proud of?

I’m most proud of the print and pattern that I design each year for the back-to-school collection of backpacks, lunch bags and gear.

3. What inspires you when you’re designing a new piece? 

The best way for me to get inspired is to experience something new  – going to a museum, seeing a new band or simply going on an urban adventure in my own city.

4. Which designers do you look up to the most? 

This is constantly evolving. I’m inspired by designers who think outside the box with process, material and design, and who implement sustainable practices, like upcycling and recycling.

5. What are three fun facts about you?

1) I LOVE seeing live music. I could see a show every night of the week.

2) I am happiest when walking in the mountains or diving into the ocean.

3) I feel most at home when traveling and getting lost – I’m a gypsy at heart!

See our first profile here – all about Fiona Alston, PBteen’s decorative accessories and wall art designer! 

Loved her fun facts and her inspirations– but please, please, please, apply them to the guy items!
Please add more accessories & items for boys (eg., throw pillows, lap desk type items, desk organizers – you have one or 2 choices for boys, dozens for girls)
-add basketball (!!!!!) track and field or even skiing, snowboarding or lacrosse items to sport themes;
– items like chair covers, bean bags, duvet covers etc., in denim ( or a med blue – a blue other than navy) ;
– Use more beige or taupe as a neutral & not just grey, for example with navy. You offer brown as well, but that is harder to match, and some may not want to put with all of PBs brown furniture;
– add cool auto, aviation, travel or even music inspired designs, to throw pillows, blankets, wall items ( map covered desk items you currently offer are great!) ;
-other graphic ideas: animals designs, such as bears, deer buck or
-urban themed such as skylines, subways, mass transit etc.
In other words, not every boy is a surfer or a preppy.

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