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To say we are excited to share today’s room makeover would be a huge understatement! Our friend Cassidy recently decided to give her growing daughter, Rylie’s room, a little refresh to help transition from a youthful kid’s room, into a full on whimsical dream space! We know how it feels to grow out of your bedroom as you get older and feel like your space is no longer you, so we turned to an expert to help us learn a few tips for creating a space that can grow with you! Today Cassidy is sharing her best tricks for making a room that can grow with you as you age from kid to tween to teen! So mamas, grab your teens and tweens, and teens grab a parent — because we have a feeling you’re going to be real inspired to have a little room update of your own after you see this dreamy space…

Hi everyone, Cassidy here from O My Darlings blog! Today I am really excited to share how we’ve been working to transition my daughter Rylie’s room from a little girls room into a big girls room. My goal for this space was not only to make something beautiful we could enjoy together now, but also create a space that Rylie felt could grow with her as her interests and hobbies grow and change too…


Tip 1: Start With Neutrals

A few years ago when moving into our current home, we were brainstorming ideas for Rylie’s new room — I wanted a color scheme that could grow with her. I started my search by looking for pieces that would be whimsical enough for a smaller kid’s room, but still neutral enough so that as she grew, it could grow with her. Thankfully starting with a neutral palette has made the transition quite a bit easier!


We decided on a neutral and clean palette of white and gold, so that as her favorite things changed (colors, animals, etc.) it could easily transition into the decor. We started with the Pottery Barn day bed and the Emily and Merritt Gold polka dot sheets and comforter cover. The great thing about these spotted Emily and Merritt sheets is that no matter what stuffed animal or blankets we pile onto the bed, it all seems to fit in to the decor just perfectly!


Tip 2: Mix Old & New!

One of my favorite design tricks is mixing old pieces along with new. We had an antique dresser sourced and painted white with gold stripes — I love the old charm of the dresser with the modern paint job — we are so pleased with how it turned out! The entire room is a collection older treasures and newer scores, I think it makes the room feel personal to Rylie, which I love!

Tip 3: Find Easy Ways To Incorporate Your Current Favorites

We have a few Pottery Barn frames that Rylie and I use and simply change out depending on what she is into at the moment. Right now we’ve been loving anything horse and unicorn related (hence the horse and unicorn pictures!). This is so much easier (and more affordable) than decorating an entire room in a specific theme, since you might change your mind about what you’re loving in just a few months!


Zebras are her favorite animal right now, so we both loved the zebra wallmount. We dolled up the zebra’s crown with some paper flowers! (Another tip of mine – don’t be afraid to customize store-bought pieces! Your room is the space to completely let free and express yourself!)


Tip 4: Organize In Style

Truth be told — it’s quite tough to keep this room organized! We love to keep storage trunks and boxes around (like these from PBteen) to throw things into while still looking fresh and chic. No more mess, just lots of pretty boxes to look at!


Tip 5: Flaunt Your Favorite Fashions

Can we all agree that some clothes are just too beautiful to hide away in a closet? If she has anything really special in her closet, I like to hang it on on this easy fabric garland we use instead of curtains! (If you grow quickly like Rylie does, this is the perfect trick for you!)


Lastly, one of our favorite things to do is enjoy mother daughter time just reading together! I was pretty excited when we found this hammock chair on etsy (similar).


I am excited to see how this stylish space grows and changes as her own style grows and changes too!

Other decor sources: “with grace in her heart” sign: Oh Dier | diamond piñata- confetti system | unicorn drawing- Kelli Murray Art | sheepskin rug- Pottery Barn | photos by Nikki Kinowski

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