We’d love to see what you’re toting around in your PBteen bag! Share with us on Instagram by uploading a photo and tagging @pbteen and #whatsinmypbteenbag for a chance to win a $250 gift card! Here are a few of our favorite entries so far…

11330663_400298183497819_626078019_nOur Zebra Pencil Case was full of watermelon on National Watermelon Day!11324252_733755353413702_382889687_nEmoji stickers are definitely needed for back-to-school! Entry by Instagram user @automobilismom11311616_934290086629885_784029414_nNot only do we want to see what is IN your bag, but what is outside of it as well! Entry by Instagram user @automobilismom11821930_1472875673028121_333021744_nNotebooks paired with our Northfield Collection are perfect! Entry by Instagram user @rsvinky11356786_839377089503035_435890169_nYou can never have too many pens! Our Peace Paisley Holder will keep them secure! Entry by Instagram user @majestyeepeola
11820515_905669012804945_1165324178_nWe wonder if the oreos will be dipped into the peanut butter being stored in this lunch bag…entry by Instagram user @dipn_dot.s

Don’t forget to show us what is in your PBteen bag! Tag us on Instagram @pbteen and #whatsinmypbteenbag!

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