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Something New: Wedding Photographer Jose Villa’s Wedding Musts


When you’re a bride-to-be, finding a good wedding photographer can start to feel more difficult than finding your Prince Charming. How many frogs do you have to kiss? If you’re lucky enough to find Jose Villa right off the bat, your answer is one. This incredibly talented fine art and wedding photographer has set the tone for what beautiful wedding photos consist of in today’s highly competitive marketplace. This, along with his fantastic style and taste is just one of the reasons why we chose to feature him In the Spotlight this month. [Check out his full feature on here]

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Keep reading to see more of Jose’s amazing photos and learn about his favorite wedding ever, the wedding trends he’d love to see disappear, his top tips for perfect wedding photos and more.

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PB: What made you decide to focus on this field in particular?
JV: I have always loved photographing people… I love fashion, travel, food and cake, so this beats being a photographer for National Geographic any day!

PB: What’s one of the favorite weddings you’ve ever been to?
JV: There are many and I really can’t say there was only one. But one of the most amazing weddings that has stayed in my mind is a wedding I photographed in Cuba for a cute Canadian couple. She was a photographer and he was the sweetest groom on the planet. Being in Cuba was out of this world and being surrounded by such love from the couple and their 6 wedding guests was a dream come true for all of us involved. I will never forget this wedding.

PB: What’s the one thing a couple should know before going into an engagement/wedding shoot?
JV: I don’t like to prep my couples before a shoot because it makes them nervous. I do however tell them exactly where we will be shooting and what sort of backdrops we will be shooting it. Photographing in the right surroundings is very important and sets the mood. Location, Location, Location.

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PB: How do you like to choose engagement shoot locations?
JV: I first look at locations that set a good mood, then I choose a location based on the lighting, the surroundings and the tone that the backdrops will provide. Not only am I a photographer, but I’m also an art director.

Golden Retriever Wedding PhotoJose’s Top Tips: 

Choose your photographer after you choose your location. I highly suggest a film photographer if you are having an outdoor wedding, and a digital shooter if the wedding will be indoors. The medium in which we photographers shoot helps with each lighting situation, so keep that in mind as you plan for your wedding day.

Have fun with your wedding, and make it personal. I’ve seen more and more dogs invited to the weddings and I’m loving that. Give me another fun thing to shoot!

Consider bright colors. I’m hoping the soft color pallete can take a break for a little while. Seems like more than 70% of the weddings I shot last year involved a soft color pallete. I’m looking forward to the colorful pallete and the edgy tones that we need for photography.

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