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We Love SF: Coffee and Toast at The Mill

32CI2930Photo c/o Josey Baker

There’s few foods more comforting than a slice of warm, freshly baked bread. Accompanied by a steaming cup of coffee, it becomes the perfect breakfast. This idea of comfort and familiarity is what helped found The Mill, a coffee and bread shop near San Francisco’s Alamo Square.


Every morning, Josey Baker (yes, that’s his real name) puts loaves of dough made with flour he grinds himself into the oven. At 9:00, customers start to line up for their freshly baked loaf.

32CI2804Photo c/o Josey Baker

Luckily, there’s plenty of Four Barrel coffee while they wait. Baker also sells thick slices of the fresh bread, toasted, with a variety of daily toppings. (We love the homemade almond butter with honey drizzled on top.)

Mathieu Thouvenin1Photo credit: Mathieu Thouvenin

While classic brick adorns the exterior, the interior of The Mill, feels fresh and contemporary. Custom wood shelves by Alex Palecko are filled with French presses and ceramic cups. People reading books and drinking coffee (rarely with laptops — The Mill is a plug-free, wi-fi free zone) sit at large communal tables.

Mathieu ThouveninPhoto credit: Mathieu Thouvenin

The beautifully designed space is also in the process of adding a parklet made of reclaimed wood to the front, so customers can enjoy their breakfast, lunch or snack outdoors.

Visit The Mill at 736 Divisadero Street, San Francisco

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