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We Love SF: A Tiny Door in Golden Gate Park

Wander down the right winding path in Golden Gate Park, and you might just happen upon a magical surprise: A tiny little door, tucked perfectly into a tree’s roots.

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San Francisco resident Anthony Powell and his son Rio found this little spot while in the park one day. The perfectly shaped nook seemed to beg for a door, so Powell brought back a piece of paper the next day to trace the hole’s exact shape.

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Powell used a piece of scrap pine to cut out his door and door knob. After sealing it, he carefully installed it onto the tree with small brass screws. It was a perfect fit!

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Powell and Rio didn’t realize until later what a hullaballoo their little project had created. Once city dwellers discovered the door, all sorts of theories circulated about the door’s origins. It wasn’t until a friend forwarded him an article that Powell found out about the door’s new fan base.

Today, the door is a treasure trove of notes and trinkets that children and adults alike leave for the mysterious creatures that might live inside.

Curious about this little door’s residents? Visit it the next time you’re in San Francisco at the Music Concourse in Golden Gate Park.

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