Before and After: From Chic Home Office to a Unicorn Nursery Dream

Melissa Johnson, founder of one of our favorite sites, Best Friends For Frosting, brought home baby number two this fall and shared with us how she reimagined her home office into a space fit for her new daughter. She used pieces from our Pottery Barn Kids collection to create a room that not only matched her own design sense but also provided an inspiring space for her little girl to grow up in. She took the office from a cool black and hot pink palette to a light pink and gold unicorn nursery. Read on, as Melissa takes us through her design process in creating a nursery for the newest member of her family.


What an incredibly wild ride pregnancy has been!  Designing baby Johnson #2’s nursery was so much fun. I’ve always dreamed of the day I would get to style a girly nursery. Pinterest was a big factor to blame —*WINK! I am so thrilled to finally share the final reveal.


Designing the nursery has been an absolute joy.  We used products from some of our favorite shops — including Pottery Barn Kids! I can assure you not everything we used was brand new — there were many sentimental items I incorporated from other times of my life. I topped the unicorn with the floral crown I wore at my baby shower. 


I used cake stands to prop up my favorite decor items. 


Other items I had in my prop closet + around the house that I incorporated include the disco ball, sequin hanger, expedite, gold night stand, a framed picture of Andy and I (gotta love a good shot of mom & dad), gold basket, and even old baby books that my son Charlie still enjoys.   


When designing your own nursery, I recommend creating two Pinterest boards. One board including all of your favorite items found online. The second board should include images of other people’s nurseries that inspire you.  Leave notes beneath each photo including what you love about the nursery. I also recommend getting a clear idea of your theme — decide what colors, vibe and theme make you over the moon excited! For baby #2 it was pink, white, gold with a chic & modern vibe + bunnies and unicorns. 


I also recommend washing all of the baby’s clothes prior to being born and separating them by size. The Pottery Barn Kids dresser we used had enough drawers for everything!


What am I storing in those drawers, might you ask?  The top four small drawers include burp cloths, bibs, sock and accessories + instruction manuals. The bottom longer drawers have a drawer dedicated to the following sizes: Newborn, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and 12 months.  I am amazed how much this dresser can hold!  I love how the modern crib’s legs match the dresser so well. I love draping a stylish blanket over the top to add a chic touch without much effort. Of course, inside are some soft plush stuffed animals for baby #2 to cuddle with!


Seen in this article:

Reese Crib | Emerson Extra Wide Dresser

Lullaby Crib Mattress | White Woven Jute Baskets

Gold Circle Blossom Mirror

Unicorn Faux Fur Plush Rocker | Unicorn Faux Fur Plush

Bunny Plush Pull Toy | Bunny Knit Crib Mobile | Jenni Kayne Bunny Bank

Photos by:

Nichole Bremer Photography

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