The Ultimate Sleepover Packing List

Sleepover Packing List

Woohooooo! Hello Friday, and HELLO three-day weekend! Heading to your BFF’s place for a girls’ night slumber party? Then this post is just for you! Pack smart (and stylishly, of course) with this essential sleepover packing checklist:

1. Comfy PJs: A fun pair of cozy pajamas like our Sweet Dreams Pajama Pants is #1 on the list.

2. Sleeping Bag + Pillow: Choose a sleeping bag that’s as cute as it is comfortable, seeing as you’ll probably snooze on the floor — and don’t forget a pillow!

3. At-Home Spa: No sleepover is complete without a manicure (or two). Instead of lugging your polishes over in a giant plastic bag, keep things organized in our Mani/Pedi Lapdesk.

4. Zip Bag: Store overnight essentials in one easy-to-carry place, like our Quited Sleepover Toiletry Bag.

5. Sleepover Tote: Last but not least, a chic and roomy carryall to tote everything is mandatory! Check out all of our sleepover gear in your favorite colors and patterns.

Pin this handy chart to your Pinterest, and refer back to it for many slumber parties to come! Would you add anything to this list? Tell us by leaving a comment below!

I have been looking for this pin tuck sleeping in lavender and you have been out of stock on it and it seems silly that you would have the picture on your email about sleepover packing list when you don’t have it in inventory!

This is called “The Ultimate Sleepover Packing List” but they only named 5 items and left out many of the essentials. What about clothes for the next day, undergarments, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc. Not very “ultimate” is it?

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