The Ultimate Guide to College Move-In Day

Hi everyone! It’s your resident PBteen summer intern, Emma! Today I am back to give you some more college tips and tricks for move-in day. Okay, so at this point you’ve picked out your sheets, stalked your roommate on Facebook, and now all there is left to do is get to school. I know – scary! But don’t worry, I’m here to wipe any anxiety away with our ultimate list of things to do before and on the day you move in to college.


1) Plan, plan, plan! There will be plenty of times to procrastinate in college, but planning for this day is not one of them! Go to your school’s website and read all the information about moving in. Here’s what you’ll want to find out: the time and day for move-in, the size of your room, what furniture will be provided, what you are allowed to have in your room, and general (and important!) dorm policies. Once you know, here are some key things to plan for:

Not being able to nail into the walls: Prepare for lots and lots of adhesive strips (to hang a mirror, frames, a pinboard, etc.), and bring plenty of photo tack that won’t damage your walls.

Dimensions and provided furniture: Only bring furniture that isn’t provided and will fit comfortably in the space you have (which probably won’t be much!).

Prohibited electronics and items: Bring plenty of (approved) extension cords and power strips for your electronics, but be sure you know what is allowed and what is not. (And… sorry, you might need to leave those scented candles at home!)


2) Be an early bird. If there is any untold secret about move-in day, this would be it! Know your scheduled time to move into your dorm, but also look for any opportunities to get into your room early. Even if you find out that there is no way to get in early, get to your school a day before to explore, get settled and get prepped for the big day. When you get there the day before, find out more about:

Your Dorm: Find out where it is, the nearest parking lot, what floor are you on? Are there stairs? Come up with a strategy for how to get things from the car and up the stairs in advance, if you can! Does the school provide dollies? If not, you might want to plan to bring one with you to make move-in smoother.

The area: Use this extra time to explore, find out where the cafeteria is, the gym, the library, etc. Also, check out your college town: where the market is, the bookstore, and (of course) the cute shops! This will make you more comfortable once you’re all settled.


3) No box left behind! Write everything you want to bring, down to the details. While you pack away things into boxes or suitcases, check them off the list. Then take note of how many boxes and suitcases you have and double-check you have that same number once you’re in the car and ready to go – this will keep you from being caught without something you need!


4) Twice is not so nice! You might think having loads of things will help make you feel more at home, but having too much stuff in your room will make you feel crowded. Talk with your roommate and split the list of the things you want to bring. Although you will definitely be eating large amounts of ramen, you won’t eat enough to need two microwaves (I know, shocker!).

Good luck, everyone! Let me know how you’re prepping for the big move-in day by sharing in the comments below.


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