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Two Home Decorating DIYs to Freshen Up Your Home

Have you read the new spring issue of Sweet Paul magazine? Today, Sweet Paul is sharing two totally inspiring spring home decorating DIYs with our readers. Which one will you choose to try? Keep reading for the directions!


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Wooden Bead Lamp

You will need:
lamp set (cord, socket, and plug)
 large wooden beads (I used about 35)
 small screw driver
 low-watt bulb

1. Add the socket to the cord. (There are plenty of helpful how-to videos online to show you how to do this.)
2. Place all the wooden beads on the cord.
3. Attach the plug to the cord according to the instructions.
4. Screw in a low-watt bulb and your lamp is ready!
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Rope Bowls

You will need:

 thick cotton rope (the thicker the rope the faster it goes)
 glue gun

1. Start by folding the end of the rope and gluing together.
2. Glue a little at a time until you get the diameter you need.
3. Place on top of a bowl that’s upside down and glue small parts at a time so that you follow the shape of the bowl.
4. Continue until your bowl is large enough.
5. In order for the end of the rope not to fray, use the glue gun and glue the ends together.
6. Fold the end over the bowl and glue in place.

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