What is Block Print?

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You’ve probably heard it mentioned a hundred times in your life, but… what exactly is block print?

Block print is the art of carving wood to then imprint patterns onto fabric or paper. Think of it like a wooden stamp, like the type you might find in the craft store. The practice dates back nearly two thousand years, but it’s never felt as fresh as it does today!

For a quick introduction into the bright and beautiful world of block print, we turned to Pottery Barn’s EVP of Design and Product Development, Monica Bhargava:


Decorating with Block Print

Once you understand the basics and origin of block print, you can begin to visualize the style in your own home. “Too bold,” you say? “Too loud”? Not at all! Block printing is a wonderfully versatile art, allowing for gorgeous patterns printed in all shapes, sizes, and color palettes.

Think you may be ready to incorporate block print into your home, but not sure where to begin? Your bedroom may be the perfect space to experiment with block print! Swapping out your existing bedding for our gorgeous Selena Print Duvet Cover & Sham will transform your room in minutes, and the intricate detail of the printing will introduce block print into your bedroom in an organic and effortless way.

Looking to breathe some new life into your living room? Or perhaps you’ve been meaning to update a neglected guest bedroom? Nothing can transform a space faster than a pile of new pillows! Try introducing block print into your home in small, pillow-sized doses, like with our stunning new Selena Block Print Lumbar Pillow Cover, our lovely Karlie Block Print Pillow Cover, or any of our other fun new designs:

If your trusty tabletop line-up is in need of a little updating, then block print is the perfect choice for a seasonal refresh. Add a burst of color to your kitchen or dining room with our charming Block Print NapkinsBlock Print Tea TowelsBlock Print Bowl Set, and our Block Print Dip Bowl Set.


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