Tony’s Top Tips For Halloween Decorating (and Beyond!)

We recently enjoyed a fun Facebook chat with Pottery Barn fans and our in-house design and entertaining expert, Tony! Here, we’re rounding up Tony’s great advice for decorating for the Halloween season, with questions that came directly from our fans!



What are Tony’s favorite picks for decorating for a Halloween party spread?

Are you having a spooky party? Then the Bug Cheese Knives and Spider Dispenser Stand are great. If it’s a family-friendly party, the  Cauldron Condiment Set is great. They’re a little less creepy. You can check out more of my top picks in this blog post, too.



How can you carry Halloween into Thanksgiving decorating?

An easy simple solution is to buy all of your gourds now. Faux gourds that have colors that can easily translate to both holidays works well. Neutrals with a pop of orange or gold work great for Halloween or Thanksgiving. All of our faux gourds  translate beautifully to the harvest season.



How does Expert Tony feel about whole-house holiday decorating, compared to just a room or two…I lean towards overdoing it!

We’re kindred spirits! I always love to overdecorate for the Halloween season. No room should be safe from Halloween decor. There are definitely options for everything from bedding to kitchen. A surprise Halloween element in your bathroom will always delight guests. Use Mr. Bones to greet friends in the entryway. Don’t stop with the obvious!

I have a practical question — what if my drink dispenser has a leaky tap? It’s a year old, so I can’t return it. Is there a way to fix it myself so my punch doesn’t drip on everything?

Yes! The most common reason the spigots drip is because of a malfunction in the silicone seal. After people use the spigot for a long time it can get loose. Inside the dispenser is a nut. Use a small adjustable wrench to tighten the threading around the silicone seal. If that doesn’t work, here’s our MacGyver solution: Find a decorative dish to put under the spigot, so there’s a pretty way to catch drips and protect your tablecloth.

I decorate huge for Halloween and have been collecting items for over 17 years now. What is a must have that can be used for fall and Halloween?

If you want to add a little bit of glitz, I love the mercury gourds for both Halloween and fall. For a slightly more traditional approach, our silk botanicals are an excellent option. I also am a huge fan of our Gourd Centerpiece Stand.  If you’re a collector, these are items you might want to pick up to add to your collection.



Any tips on how to decorate a small apartment for Halloween?

Your dining and living spaces should be the focal point. For everyday Halloween festive flair, add in any number of our fun Pumpkin Pillows to your sofa. On your dining table, choose our Dry Autumnal Tree  or the Burgundy Berry  Branch, centered in a vase on a seasonal table runner.


I’d love to add some vampire decor and ideas to my Halloween party.

I’m a big fan of True Blood and all things vampire. The best thing to do when it comes to food and drink: always go red. Red velvet cake and cocktails with a splash of cranberry and pomegranate seeds are great. If you display your food and drink on white with wood and a touch of black the colors will really pop. Make sure to also check out our Blood Bar Party.




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