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Tony’s Top 10 Tips: How to Decorate a Beautiful Holiday Home

We’re all about the holidays here at Pottery Barn. The smell of pine trees, twinkling lights, Christmas ornaments and mugs of steaming cocoa — what’s not to love? Making our homes feel like Christmastime is what we do best, and we want to make yours feel warm and welcoming too!
tonyOur entertaining and tabletop expert Tony (above) answered all of your holiday decorating questions live, on Facebook. Here’s a few of our favorite tips that can help you decorate your home for the holidays.

library glass

1. Find a signature holiday cocktail. “My cocktail this year is the Manhattan. It’s a great three-ingredient cocktail that everyone can make in their own way. I like using Bulleit Rye Bourbon in a Library Martini Glass — I feel a little smarter drinking out of mine!”

red accent living room

2. Think outside the box for your home’s holiday color palette. “I don’t think you have to do one color for your entire home. I like the idea of making each room a little unique. But if you’re going to do it, keep a specific color. You could do your living room in just reds, so it doesn’t feel too overly Christmas contrived. Red and green look fabulous together, but do touches of it.”

holiday chat recap 3. Be bold with your centerpieces. “When you’re not sitting down to dinner, adding a few of these objects makes a great focal point in your dining room. But when you do entertain, you can pull them off and intermix them into your mantel, your side tables or your buffet. They’re just so versatile!”

4. Use a centerpiece to distract from unsightly surfaces. “Change the focal point. Add a fabulous centerpiece for height on your dining room table. Use battery operated candles and mercury glass. Instead of a runner, run a garland down the center of your table.”

H13spG09fur_homepage_sa-025. Faux fur adds instant luxury. “Any way you cut it, adding faux fur to your sofa and living room landscape adds so much dimension and texture to your home. I hope you’re curling up on the couch with one of these and a hot toddy!”


6. Feeling cozy is as mental as it is physical. “Add a touch of nostalgia to create coziness. ‘Tis the season for sentimentality. Put out some Santa pieces on a buffet, and keep treats, sweets and cookies out so that the casual nibbler can enjoy themselves. Put out a pot of hot cocoa to welcome your family into the kitchen. Serve it in an Alphabet Mug — one for each member of your family!”

7. Get creative when hanging your stockings.
“Really, there’s no rule as to where you should hang your stockings. If you don’t have a fireplace, we suggest hanging them going up the staircase, or on the back of your dining room chairs. Make sure that you have a stocking for everybody in your family. And I mean everybody — I have a stocking for each of my two cats!”

st judes candle

8. Get your hostess gift right. “Instead of (or in addition to) the requisite bottle of wine, bring a scented candle that will last long after your dinner. Give back and choose a St. Jude’s candle — this year giving back is giving.”

benchwright9. Show off a distressed dining wood table. “Do a runner down the middle instead of an entire tablecloth. Pick a runner that shows off your table’s beautiful wood. Our Benchwright Table has been designed to have a level of distress and uniqueness. Every dent and ding tells a story. Celebrate the imperfection.”

10.  Keep open concept spaces neutral. “You can always change the look with artwork, accessories and all your personal décor. But having to repaint a wall is a big Christmas bear.”

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