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The Perfect Book Nook: 5 Easy Essentials

Encourage your little ones to read through the summer by creating the perfect book nook! Our Design Studio Specialist Christine shared with us five essentials to get you started.


1. Comfortable seating. A beanbag or Anywhere Chair offers a plush spot for kids to sit and read a bit longer.


2. Easy accessibility to books. Make sure small hands can reach their favorite reads, and try displaying a few titles face-forward to draw little readers in.


3. Efficient book storage. Keep books organized and in one place by giving them their own special area.


4. Ample lighting. To keep kids from straining their eyes, try a mix of natural light, overhead lighting and a few task lamps.


5. A plush area rug. Pull the space together and make it feel cozy with a beautiful, soft rug. It doubles as a place to spread out and read.

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