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Tips For Framing Your Little Pumpkin in the Best Halloween Photos Ever

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Next step after the kiddos are dressed in their costumes and ready for trick-or-treating? Photo time! Did Halloween even happen if there isn’t photographic proof of the cuteness? Probably not. Capture all the silly and scary moments using these three tips for taking photos you can’t not frame.

1. Use Flash Sparingly

Yes, many of your photo moments will be during the spookiest times of day, but whatever you do, please don’t compensate for natural light with the harsh glare of your camera or phone’s flash. Try to take photos during golden hour, which is just after sunset. It offers the best natural light and casts a beautiful, warm glow over everything.

If you can’t avoid taking pictures at night, look for alternate lighting sources throughout your Halloween adventures, since a camera’s flash doesn’t go very far. Have the kids circle their flashlights together for a haunting shot or experiment with your camera’s night mode for a longer shutter speed. Be warned: photos taken with long shutter speeds can easily blur, so consider using a tripod.

2. Find New Backgrounds

Image via Instagram user @wallingjamie
Image via Instagram user @wallingjamie

What we love about all this photo is that it’s not taken in front of a ho-hum backdrop. Consider framing your child in front of a scene that matches their costume. Cotton Candy at a carnival game, Pumpkin nestled in a pumpkin patch. It’s as creative as you make it!

3. Focus on the Details

Image via Instagram user @tukkatot
Image via Instagram user @tukkatot

Of course you’ll want to get head-to-toe shots of the littles in their costumes, but for a different take on the yearly Halloween photo, zoom in on the delicate or totally terrifying details in your subject’s costume. I mean, how sweet is the headband in our Monarch Butterfly Costume?!

Do you have any techniques for capturing beautiful (and spooky!) Halloween photos?


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