Tips From Our Dorm Ambassadors: How To Stay In Touch With Friends


With the New Year comes a whole set of New Year’s Resolutions. We asked our Dorm Ambassador, Rachel, to share her New Year’s Resolution (staying in touch with old pals while away at school!) and how she plans to stick to it. Here’s what she said…

Hey guys, your PBdorm Ambassador Rachel here to share how I plan to keep in touch with old friends while away at school this year! Once winter break comes to an end and you return to campus with another semester ahead, it’s easy to get caught up with a busy schedule and forget to reach out to friends from home. Here are a few easy and unique ways to go beyond a simple text message and let your best friends know that you are still thinking of them.

large-1Send an Old Fashioned Letter

Remember the good old days when you would pass secret notes in class? Send your friends a blast from the past by writing them a note and sending it the old-fashioned way. You can even use colored pens and notebook paper for a more authentic feel, or get crafty with a homemade card like this from Sending your friend something homemade and unique is the perfect way to brighten their day!

large-3Try A New Method of Communication

Send a card without even leaving the comfort of your dorm with online sites and apps like justWink (my personal favorite). This unique and sassy app was made for young people who want a more convenient and personal alternative to traditional cards.  The cards range from cute to quirky, with everything in between. Just pick a card, attach a picture and a note, sign it, and then choose a method to send it. Mailing a card costs about as much as a normal card would cost and sending it via email, Twitter, or a message are free.

largeCreate a traveling notebook

Remember Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants? One of my favorites! While sending a pair of jeans across the country might be difficult, think of something cute that you can send along from friend to friend. Whether it’s a picture, a necklace, or something from your high school years, it will remind your friends that you’re thinking of them. Have your bff’s attach a little note about what’s going on around campus and give them a week to send it along.

How do you keep in touch with you friends while you’re away at school? Let me know in the comments below! {PS – all of the images in this post are from my We Heart It Board – feel free to follow!}

About our Ambassadorrachel
Rachel is a Freshman at Ohio State. Her favorite blogs are Classy Girls Wear Pearls, Brit & Co, and Humans of New York (we love those, too!) and her dream internship would be right here at Williams-Sonoma Inc (good choice, Rach!). A fun fact? Rachel is minoring in Chinese!

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