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3 Tips For Creating a Memorable Easter Basket

Creating a beautiful Easter basket for the kids is our favorite part of the Spring season’s celebrations, followed closely by a morning filled with Easter egg hunts. Today, we’re helping you create a memorable Easter basket for the kids that will be just as much fun for you to put together! Check out our recommendations below and let us know your formula for a perfect Easter basket in the comments.


Choose your basket type


First step of Easter basket curation — the basket! Or don’t even use a basket and go with a bucket or Halloween-style treat bag. Though we will never tire of a classic wicker basket, we love the extra whimsy a themed bag like our felted wool Bunny Treat Bucket offers or how the Rainbow Easter Bucket can be used long after all the eggs are found and sweet treats enjoyed.

Select a basket liner they’ll love


If you are sticking with the timeless look of an Easter basket customize it with basket liners to make each bundle reflective of the child who will be receiving it. There are the traditional liner options like fuzzy bunny earsgingham, or the storybook setting of Peter Rabbit and friends. Our designers also put a modern spin on baskets by having a lot of fun designing even more styles for our Easter collection, like the boho chic feathers seen above. All our liners and select buckets can be personalized just for your kiddo too!

fill with spring goodies


Now here’s where we usually have to refrain from going all out! We place the kids’ candies and sweets in oversized eggs like our Peter Rabbit Nesting Egg Set or Glitter Golden Eggs. For the basket’s giftables, we place big items like a Baby Chick Plush, the Jessie Bunny Mini Doll, or Bunny Ears loose in the basket. Smaller-sized presents like our Snuggle Bunny Personalized Book or Egg Chalk are wrapped before being added to the basket of goodies.


Watch our own Easter egg hunt and how we created our own Easter baskets in the video below.  Then, share your Easter and spring adventures with us on Instagram using the hashtag #lovemypbk!

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