8. Zio & Sons photography & styling

Tiny Kitchen Organizing and Decorating Tips from Zio & Sons

Small kitchen owners take heart! There’s hope for your tiny kitchen yet — turns out, you don’t need more square footage to have a stylish, functional and beautiful kitchen. The talented team at Zio & Sons — a styling and creative company based in NYC with expertise in small space living — proved just that when they took over the Pottery Barn Instagram this weekend.

We’ve gathered some of our favorite tips from their mini-kitchen makeovers (featuring some of our top kitchen organization designs) along with photos of their simple but stunning small kitchen. Take a look — it’s impossible not to get inspired!

2. Zio & Sons Photography & Styling

Tip: “Pick a clean and simple color scheme to open up your space. We choose classic whites, and wood organic tones, with hints of brass & blue.”

3. Zio & Sons photography & stylingTip: “Don’t be afraid to maximize your wall space. We made this DIY pot rack using brass piping for an easy, yet space-saving wall storage solution.”

4. Zio & Sons photography & styling

Tip: “Every small space is different, thinking outside the box will make your kitchen your own. We installed these stemware racks to save counter space for whatever uncommon items we decide to display seasonally.”

5. Zio & Sons photography & styling

Tip: “Proper storage is key for small spaces. We use a vintage wire basket and PB containers for our everyday pantry items and dry goods. Don’t forget to display your artisan ingredients!”

6. Zio & Sons photography & styling

Tip: “We only have one drawer in our entire kitchen, which forces us to stay organized and rids us from unnecessary clutter. Only your most used items should take up the space around you. We keep our everyday PB silver in our one drawer for an easy reach”

8. Zio & Sons photography & styling

Tip: “Picking the best quality basics can help you live better. We mixed our vintage, blue and white china with durable PB silver for a timeless everyday look, while maintaining distinction. Curated finds like this corkscrew are elements that can make a house a home.”

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