5 Tips to Help You Throw a Classy Valentine’s Day Party

red cambria

Contrary to popular belief, Valentine’s Day isn’t just for kids or sappy couples. Like any holiday, it’s an excuse to celebrate with people that you love! We talked to entertaining expert Kelly Lyden to learn how to host a classy, grown-up version of the Valentine’s Day parties we’re used to.

red napkins

Use a classic color palette. Red with crisp black and white will always feel classy, not trashy. “Mix a pop of color in with traditional menswear fabrications, like a herringbone, tweet or pinstripe,” suggests Lyden.

wine tasting

A grown up party calls for a grown up theme. Wine tasting parties are a great way to add a fun element to a Valentine’s Day get together. “You could have each couple bring a bottle of their favorite wine and do a blind tasting,” says Lyden. “It’s a great activity for the evening, and it helps provide the drinks for your guests, too.” But a grown up theme doesn’t mean you can’t have candy — turn your wine tasting into a chocolate pairing party for adults!

xoxo plate

Play with color in your table settings. Dress up basic white dishes with red and black accessories. “A fabulous red patterned napkin, a fun salad plate or colored glassware are great additions,” says Lyden.


Mood lighting is a must. Dim those lights and light every candle (yup, every single one) you own. “Instead of traditional taper candles, scatter a bunch of gorgeous votive candles down the center of the table,” says Lyden. “It’ll look like twinkle lights!”


Get creative with your florals. “I’m not a traditional red-rose-kinda-girl,” says Lyden. “I love mixing crisp white hydrangeas with red tulips for a Valentine’s Day arrangement.”

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