Three Colorful Ways to Drink Hot Chocolate with Studio DIY


Hey there, PBteen! Kelly here from Studio DIY and it’s time to talk about one of winter’s most important benefits: hot chocolate. I decided that hot cocoa and a mound of marshmallows wasn’t enough for this fun drink, so I jazzed it up with a little colorful kick… three ways! That’s right, sprinkles, donuts and candy canes are all ready to dive in to your next cup! Gather up your friends on a snow-y day (or impress your family Christmas morning!) and get ready to deck out your hot chocolate!

Funfetti-Hot-ChocolateFunfetti Hot Chocolate

If you ask me, everything is better with sprinkles. To add some “funfetti” to your cup, use a butter knife to spread some marshmallow fluff around the rim of your mug. Spread out some sprinkles in a shallow dish and dip the rim into the sprinkles. Fill with your favorite hot chocolate, top with marshmallows and go wild sprinkling sprinkles on top!

Donut-Hot-ChocolateDonut Hot Chocolate

Who doesn’t love donuts!? They make the perfect hot chocolate topper. Buy pre-frosted ones from the store, or frost your own with marshmallow fluff and mini marshmallow bits as sprinkles! If you’re donut is too big to fit in the top of the cocoa-filled mug, cut a small slice out of it and slip the donut over the edge. Happy dunking!

Candy-Cane-Hot-ChocolateCandy Cane Hot Chocolate

Peppermint hot chocolate is a holiday staple, but I found these quirky and colorful candy canes in all different flavors at the grocery store. Crush them up in a plastic bag and pour into a shallow dish. Spread marshmallow fluff (or melted white chocolate!) on the rim of your mug with a butter knife and dip the rim into the candy cane pieces. Fill with your favorite hot chocolate, top with marshmallows and add a candy cane as a stirrer!

Which one is your favorite!? Or do you have another favorite hot chocolate garnish? Cozy up and enjoy!

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