Things To Try: October

Well hello there, October! Fall is now in full swing and oh how we love the crisp air, our leather boots, and of course pumpkin spiced… well, everything! It’s time to make that transition and embrace the new season with open arms, and trust us, that won’t be difficult! October has a lot to offer, and we can’t wait to share what we’re dying to try this month:

1) Jump Into A Pile of Leaves


Get yourself in the fall spirit by taking a little time to do a silly activity. Get outside with some friends and take a big leap into a heaping pile of colorful leaves! (Oh yeah, and if you do, we would love to see, tag us on Instagram @pbteen)

2) Host A Spooky Movie Marathon


Since National Popcorn Popping Month has officially arrived, why not throw a spooky Halloween movie night with friends and pop up a bag of our favorite snack? Make it a party and set up some spooky decorations to get you in the spirit!

3) Change Your Wardrobe


Embrace those cozy knits because sweater weather is finally here. This October, change up your summery wardrobe for the new season and stock up on some of our favorite things: scarves, boots, sweaters, coats…the list goes on!

4) Be a Fall Foodie


Fall is the perfect time to discover a new favorite recipe! With the weather getting cooler, cozy up inside one day and make something delicious. We suggest, well, anything pumpkin! Check out this drool-worthy pumpkin ice cream sandwich recipe  from Cupcakes and Cashmere!

5) Go Apple Picking


Throw on that cozy sweater and go apple picking! We don’t think there could be anything more delicious than an apple straight off the tree, and hey, maybe try making some fresh apple cider (and invite us over)!

What is your favorite October activity? Share with us in the comments!

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I’m SO glad fall is officially here! I love making Jack-o-lanterns w/ my siblings, and decorating the house w/ pumpkins, jars of candy corn, and scarecrows. Something I definitely recommend for all of the candy corn lovers out there… If u haven’t tried it before, it’s about time! Try sprinkling candy corn on your popcorn when u have your spooky movie marathon! One of my FAVS!

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