The Ultimate Whole House Organization Guide

January’s almost halfway over, and if you’re anything like us, there hasn’t been much progress with getting organized this year. Don’t worry — it’s never too late! Our whole home organization guide may be just the motivation you need. Keep reading to learn how you and your family can organize every room in your house for a fresh start this year.



Tip: Assess your closet. “A semi-annual review of what clothing you already have is a must,” says professional organizer Annette Reyman. Donate whatever you can to make room for new items you’ll use regularly.

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Have each family member empty out their entire bathroom, sort through everything and group like with like. You might discover that each person has 5 more shampoo and lotion bottles than they really need!

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Living Room
DVDs, games, puzzles, toys and craft supplies can clutter up a well-loved living room quickly. Shelves and drawers often become dumping grounds for any and all items. Gather up all of the clutter and group similar items together to eliminate broken, duplicate or unwanted items.  “Decorative items should be replaced with a restrained hand, only using items you love and enjoy having in your space,” says professional organizer Liz Jenkins.

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Think functional for your kitchen décor. A new fruit bowl, spice racks, or even an herb plant can be useful and beautiful at the same time.

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entryway story

Are you someone who leaves their mail to pile up for days, weeks or even months on the entry console? Try this trick: Put all of your (non-urgent) mail in a pretty basket in your entryway. Instead of stressing about it during the week, save it for a lazy weekend morning, when you can sort through it over a cup of coffee.

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Kid’s Room
Keep your child’s height in mind when designing storage solutions in their room. If they can’t reach the right bins and shelves, they won’t use them.

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Tip: Paper is the biggest issue in home offices. Think about going digital as much as possible, but if you’d rather stick to hard copies, you’ll have to get organized. “Rarely does anyone enjoy filing and sorting through paper. But it’s a necessary evil,” professional organizer Amy Trager says. “Create paper systems that are realistic and reasonable. Don’t make a system that needs to be kept up on a daily basis if you know you won’t get to it more than once a week.”

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