The Power of the Perfect Accessory


While the perfect piece of furniture can certainly make a space shine, often it’s the right accessory that can make or break a room’s ambiance. The perfect accessory is powerful — it speaks volumes about the room, and the person who chose it. We spoke to interior designer Suzanne Tucker to learn the ins and outs of accessorizing properly.

Take a look at her 5 top tips for accessorizing, below.


Include accessories that engage the senses. “We should all live in spaces that entice and delight our senses,” says Tucker. “Every room in the house can incorporate seductive elements that not only please the eye, but also the touch, the nose and the ear: a soft cashmere throw, a beautifully embroidered pillow, a fragrant candle or bouquet of flowers.”


Function doesn’t always have to come into play. Sometimes the best accessories don’t make a lot of sense. That dog sculpture doesn’t have to serve a purpose — you just have to love it.


However, function is key for decorative lighting. “When choosing lighting, the accessory and functionality are inextricably linked,” says Tucker. “Lighting greatly affects mood, so it should be flattering as well as functional.” Mix and match lighting — don’t be afraid to play with style! But most importantly, make sure each piece works and serves its purpose.


Avoid matchy-matchy accessories. It’s always great when things coordinate, but you don’t have to match everything perfectly in each and every room of your house. “An accessory should tie into a room’s overall mood and feel, but decorating isn’t a game of matching every color perfectly,” says Tucker. “Often times a bold or playful contrast … is just what brings out the personality and interest in a room.”

Old is new again. “I always encourage my clients to have at least one piece of age in a room,” says Tucker. “The patina and imperfections of such items speak to me of character and life lived, they bring soul to a room.”

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