How to Wrap Gifts like the Pros

That’s a Wrap! How to Wrap Gifts Like the Pros

They say that good design is in the details – those little things that you may not notice but pull a space together.  Some people call it the “final layer,” but we like to think of it as those “design moments” that, while usually ignored, are appreciated when they come into the light. That’s how we feel about gift wrapping: It may feel like a drag when the boxes are piling up around you, but the joy you see in the receiver’s eyes as they open a beautifully wrapped present can’t be beat!

That’s why we turned to our resident Wrapping Elf (otherwise known as Claire) to show us tips for how our associates across our stores are able to whip up a picture-perfect wrapped present in a jiffy!  Check out our video below where we share our secrets!

From all of us at Pottery Barn,

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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