5 Dream Thanksgiving Table Decorating Tips from Camp Makery

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The holidays are here! Thanksgiving is just around the corner, so we’re starting to design, dream and draw up our plans to decorate the perfect Thanksgiving table.

Luckily, our friends at Camp Makery have come up with a stunning solution: an elegant fall table using some of our favorite Thanksgiving decor.

Flowers: Juli Vaughn
Styling + Concept: Ashley Pepitone + Camp Makery
Photography: Haley Sheffield
Recipes + Food: Simply Catering

Pottery Barn featured favorites: Feather Stoneware Plates, Wishbone Napkin Rings, Harvest Hunter Plaid Table Runner, Lady Amhurst Feathers, Emma Serve Bowl

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Get inspired by their amazing Thanksgiving table PLUS get stylist Ashley Pepitone’s top 5 Thanksgiving table decorating tips:

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Candles, candles and more candles. “Even if you don’t have a formal dining room and are hosting at your kitchen table, candles always make a meal feel special,” Ashley says.

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Make it personal. “Place cards are not only pretty and functional, but they add a personal touch for your guests. Think outside the box — here we used gold leafed mini pumpkins and tied satin ribbon to their stems after adding names to the ribbon with a gold paint pen.”

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Prepare for last minute guests. “For extra seating, consider using an upholstered bench if you have one, rather than folding chairs or mismatched chairs from another room. It will look more intentional and you can fit more people on a bench.”

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Give guests everything they’ll need. “I like to have each place setting done with everything they will need for the meal, from salad plates and soup bowls to dinner plates, wine glasses and water goblets.”

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Make a statement. “ I decorated this table with one big statement arrangement in the center of the table. It will take up space, but I think it is worth having a beautiful floral arrangement on the table for guests’ arrival.”

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PS: Need to save on space, but still want flowers? We love how floral designer Juli Vaughn decorated the space above the table, too. “If you have a chandelier, add some greenery and berries to it with floral wire and you will have beautiful décor even when there is no room on the table,” Ashley says.

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