Sweets Simply at Our Local Market

Once a month, we host a Local Market at Pottery Barn to support some of our favorite sustainable San Francisco food vendors. (It’s one of our favorite days at PBHQ!)


This year, each Local Market is also hosting a bake sale by one of our very own employees — all of the proceeds from the sale benefit the charity of their choice. This month, Nicole from Pottery Barn hosted the bake sale with her San Francisco based company: Sweets Simply.


This small, batch-at-a-time bakery bakes breakfast pastries and desserts in a kitchen in San Francisco’s Mission neighborhood. Many of the goodies are made without gluten, dairy or refined sugars, instead relying on coconut oil, raw agave nectar and unsweetened fruit purees.

Nicole heard about her charity of choice, Worldreader, while listening to the radio one morning. Worldreader’s mission — to eradicate illiteracy worldwide — struck a chord with her. Nicole’s mom is a reading specialist, so she grew up understanding the importance of literacy.


Worldreader delivers a library of amazing books to people who have none via e-readers. Their focus is primarily in sub-Saharan Africa and Asia. Since the delivery of printed books is non existent or expensive in many of these locations, an e-reader full of hundreds of books dramatically increases access to books with relative ease. In many of these areas, Worldreader has seen the average amount of books owned by children increase from 3 to over 100. Supplying books to elementary schools allows children’s reading and comprehension skills to improve by almost 50%.


“The funds from Nicole’s bakesale will help us put even more e-books on devices for children and families in low-income countries,” says Nadja Borovac of Worldreader. “Books such as local textbooks, reading stories, reference material, health information and so much more. These books will help people learn, grow and have a better future.”

Learn more about Sweets Simply.
Learn more about Worldreader.

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