DIY Fringe Piñatas for The Stylehouse’s 1st Birthday!

DIY  Pinata Letters

If you missed it, we just announced a huge giveaway yesterday to celebrate our first birthday! (Be sure to enter here!) But we couldn’t let the celebrations end there, so we’ve turned to one of our favorite DIYers, Amy of Homey Oh My! to help us celebrate in style – she created the most gorgeous DIY party piñatas for our birthday party and she’s here to show you how you can make them too!

Hey everyone, Amy here! To celebrate The Stylehouse turning one, I made these fun and festive piñata letters that you too can make for your next celebration. They are perfect for birthdays, Valentine’s Day, or even a sweet 16! Here’s how to make ’em…

-paper mache letters (available at craft stores locally)
-tissue paper
-clear tape
-fringe scissors
-double-sided tape

dgesStep 1: Tape pieces of tissue paper on the sides of the letters

Fringe ScissorsStep 2: Cut roughly 1″ wide strips of tissue paper.

Step 3: Cut along one side of the tissue paper strips with fringe scissors. (Regular scissors will work, too!)

TapeStep 4: Stick pieces of double-sided tape along the top edge of the fringed tissue paper and stick onto the letters. Start at the bottom of the letter and slightly overlap each strip on top of the previous one.

Step 5: Cut off any tissue paper that extends beyond the edges of the letters.

Gold 1

1 Year Pinata Letters-3 DIY Pinata Letters

What do you think!? Pretty stinkin’ cute, no!?

Let us know if you try it out, and don’t forget to enter our #PBteenLOVE giveaway here!

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