Guest Post: Staying Organized with Kids

Smart storage is essential when you’ve got little ones at home — especially after the holidays, when new toys abound! Here are a few of our favorite tips for keeping kids’ bedrooms and play spaces clutter-free and ready for action.

SpringStorageSolutionsTip 1: Accessibility is key. When designing a storage solution, keep your child’s height in mind so favorite items are always within reach.

Tip 2: Vary the space with open- and closed-storage solutions. Utilize both open storage (like shelves or cubbies) and closed storage (like cabinets or drawers) to create a space that’s both functional and beautiful.

SpringStorageSolutions5Tip 3: Size and portability are important for little hands. Choose a proportionately sized bin or portable bucket so little ones can transport and put away their favorite items with ease.

Tip 4: Group stored items into different zones. To keep playtime messes contained, divide your storage space into “zones” for each type of activity.

SpringStorageSolutions6Tip 5: Don’t forget about design. Although efficient storage solutions are important, be sure to make them work with the theme of the room by using color, pattern and decor that will inspire your little one as they grow.

Read more about our storage solutions for kids along with other decorating and craft ideas at the Pottery Barn Kids’ blog.

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