Stars & Crescent Moons Easter Egg DIY

Decorate your eggs this Easter with stars and crescent moons! This DIY from Homey Oh My is super easy, cute, and totally removable just in case you want to eat the eggs later.

Stars and crescent moons Easter eggs

-star punch
-circle punch
-adhesive vinyl/paper

Step 1: Cut star shapes out of the adhesive vinyl with the star punch.

circle punch

Step 2: Cut a half circle out of the edge of adhesive vinyl using the circle punch.

Step 3: Cut again where the half circle cut-out is, only a little further in to create the crescent moon shape.

stars and moons

Step 4: After cutting as many shapes as you’d like, peel and stick them onto the eggs.

Stars and crescent moons Easter eggs DIYstars and crescent moons eggsDIY Stars and crescent moons Easter eggs

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