Star Garland Gift Wrap DIY

Today Amy from Homey Oh My! Blog is back at it with a festive DIY for the holidays! Take it away Amy!

Make gift wrapping this season simple, modern, and fun with this easy star garland gift wrap DIY. Stick to this monochromatic color palette or go wild with the colors you use- get creative with it!

-card stock
-Tacky glue

Step 1: After wrapping the gift, wrap a long piece of string around it three times.

Step 2: Punch out the stars from the card stock.

Step 3: Dab Tacky glue on the back of each star and stick them on to the string.

Step 4: To make your own gift tags, cut a pennant shape out of the card stock and write your message with a pen or marker. Glue it on to the string like you did with the stars!

Now you are all set to give the most beautifully wrapped gifts this season! Share with us your DIYs by tagging us on Instagram @pbteen and #mypbteendiy!