Spotted: Our Accordion Lights in a Gorgeous Washington Cottage

We recently spotted the Pottery Barn Bristol Accordion Floor Lamps on an Apartment Therapy tour. The scale, size and surprise factor of the lamps certainly adds a wow factor to this gorgeous cottage, owned by Rick Rochon of Ludlow Co. We got in touch with Rick to learn a little more about this cottage and his design choices.

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When we asked Rick about why he chose these lamps, he told us,  “When designing the space I needed a versatile and tall lamp that could create ambient light for the space and brighter, direct light for reading and computer work.  This space is mutlifunctional.  The Bristol lamp is tall, substantial and very well made and we were thrilled when we got them in place.”



Looking for a floor lamp? While the Bristol Accordion Floor Lamp is no longer available, you can check out our entire selection of floor lamps here. Below, we’re also sharing five of our current favorite floor lamp options.

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Photos courtesy Rick Rochon

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