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Spending Time with Dad

There are many ways of celebrating Dad on Father’s Day. You can surprise him with breakfast in bed, get him a trinket for his favorite hobby or even create your own DIY giftable. But this year we’re going back to the basics with this printable card that’s all about spending quality time together, just you and him. Yes, this may seem a little cheesy but when it comes down to it, those moments together are the memories that you’ll both cherish forever.

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8 thoughtful ways to spend time with Dad:

  • Take a road trip together
  • Bake is favorite cookies with him
  • Go on a hike together
  • Take him to the movies
  • Go see a concert together
  • Take Dad to a game to see his favorite team
  • Go on a picnic together
  • Take Dad out to dinner at his favorite local restaraunt

We hope this sparks a few ideas for Father’s Day! Click below to print out our downloadable card AND coupons!

Father’s Day Card

Dad-Daughter Coupon

Dad-Son Coupon

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