Sofa Shopping Guide Part 2: Measure Your Space

It’s finally happening — your dream sofa has arrived at your home. It’s gorgeous! Now, it’s time to get it off the truck and into your living room. But, as anyone who has moved larger furniture knows, this is easier said than done. There’s so much that can go wrong — a misstep on the stairwell, a too-small front door or a mis-measured room can all have disastrous results.

We spoke with the General Manager of our exclusive furniture workshop in North Carolina, Sutter Street, to get the scoop on how to make sure you find a sofa that fits your home’s size (and style).

Make a template. Instead of just guessing where your sofa will go and hoping it’ll fit, measure and make a template to get an accurate idea of how your sofa will fit in your home. “I’ll make a template out of butcher paper and lay it out where I want the sofa to be,” says our expert. “I just did this for an outdoor area where I want furniture to go. It helps to make sure it fits, that there’s room to get around it and that it doesn’t swallow the space.”



Measure your doorway. There’s no worse feeling than having your dream sofa arrive and realize that it can’t (and won’t) fit through your living room door. Measure your doorway width and compare it to the sofa width.



Give yourself some wiggle room.  If your doorway and your sofa are exactly the same width, you might not want to chance it. Struggling, pushing and shoving your sofa into your living room could cause some damage to the upholstery.



Measure your home. “Walk the path that the sofa will have to take to get into your house,” says our expert. “Understand that path, and think about how the sofa will have to get into your room.”

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very important advice–I learned the hard way a sofa wouldn’t go down my basement steps and had to take the basement slider door off it’s track to get it in the walk-out basement.

I just purchased the Tamsen platform bed and headboard and can hardly contain my enthusiasm. I’ve waited a long time and have been searching all over, not willing to settle for second-best. After all, it’s an investment.
I can hardly wait til summer when I can get it home and assemble it!

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