Six Tips For Creating A Dramatic Front Door Container Garden

Depending on where you are in the country, the snow has finally started to melt and the trees are dotted with delicate green buds. Alas, Spring is finally here, but with that comes the daunting reality that your front porch may have not seen love since last year. At least one editor in the office has copped to having a pumpkin stowed on her front stoop… from Thanksgiving!

Now that Winter has cleared, it’s time to start thinking about how to update your front door and greet your visitors and neighbors with something other than a door mat and empty planters. That’s exactly what Monica Lavin of the lifestyle site Lavin Label and The Vine did for their collaboration with Southern Living’s blog!


Monica used our Concrete Fluted Planters to create a simple yet impactful container garden for her front door.  The pale gray of the planters complement the home’s shingles and pop against the white of the trim, creating a beautiful contrast.


Small accents like the mounds of green moss add visual interest and are a great way to help with moisture retention in the soil.


Second, we love that Monica and The Vine opted for a classic concept with a twist when it came to her plantings.  While boxwoods and trimmed topiaries would have also looked beautiful on this porch, the choice of fiddle leaf fig trees, hydrangeas, and moss is inspired. The trees mimic the look of topiaries, while the hydrangeas and moss provide a dose of vibrant color and greenery.


As a final touch, The Vine created a beautiful wreath using the same materials from the planters to unify them with the door. However, if you don’t have a green thumb, purchasing a coordinating wreath is also a great option!

Inspired by Monica’s front door transformation? Here are our tips for creating the perfect container garden:

  1. Ensure the container(s) you use have proper drainage. We like to add a layer of gravel to the bottom of the planter to limit soil erosion and retard mold.
  2. Be sure to use fresh potting soil.  Never recycle soil from a past project as you may introduce fungus and other pests to your new plants.  Fill the container with soil up to an inch from the rim.
  3. Choose containers that compliment the plant’s form and color as well as match the color palette of your home.  Remember that dark containers will get hotter in the Summer and require additional watering.
  4. Make sure that your container is the right size.  Ensure that your container allows ample room for your plants to grow.  For large plants, the planter should be slightly larger, about one half the size, of the plant’s root ball.
  5. When selecting plants for your container garden, just don’t choose plants that look pretty together.  Think about the plants watering needs and how quickly the individual plants grow.
  6. Remember that it’s okay if something dies – you can always replant.  However, create a container garden that reflects how you live.  If you are low-key, don’t purchase plants that require a large amount of attention.

Creating a beautiful front porch and door is easier than you think if you follow these simple rules — but most of all, have fun! Ready to flaunt your green thumb? Check out our entire selection of outdoor planters, lighting, and door décor to beautify your home!


Styling: Lavin Label
Photography: Kelli Boyd Photography
Landscape Design: The Vine


my entrance way to my front only doorway, but I do have a long walk way? can I put my pots on the long way of the entry way?

Thank you,

We have a glass front door in front of our regular wooden door, what can I do with a glass door ?$
We have a White House wit h long black shutters, in the line of a ” colonial ” design, so I have a black container on each side of the door.
Our front porch is shady.. What do you suggest ?

I love all of the natural elements on this front door. It adds a really nice, natural splash of color! What’s great about this is that you can easily change this out if you get tired of the color scheme. I’m definitely going to have to try something like this on our front door.

This is a beautiful design. My only issue would be with the tiles, (marble?) used for the steps.They look extremely slippery and could be a hazard when wet

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