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Share The Love With Our Printable Valentine

Okay, we admit that Valentine’s Day was our favorite holiday when we were in elementary school.  Halloween was nice thanks to being able to wear a costume for the entire day. As for Christmas, it marked the beginning of the long holiday break. But Valentine’s Day was the epitome of school yard chic. It combined baked goods, candy and crafts like making your own “mail box” to receive the most precious gifts of all — the Valentine’s Day Card. Countless hours were lost trying to decide between which super hero or cartoon cards to buy. The wrong choice spelled social purgatory  — well as much as one could have  in 2nd grade. As we got older, and Valentine’s Day got more “adult” there was always a bit of a pang for the days when a a paper card with our named scrawled across it made us happy.

With that thought in mind, we created this downloadable Valentine’s Day card…


So download it and give it to someone special this weekend as a reminder of how awesome you think they really are!

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