A Kitchen Refresh Featuring Pottery Barn’s Seagrass Chairs

Blogger Jennifer Rizzo recently shared the kitchen renovation she assisted her mom with on her blog JenniferRizzo.com. We can’t believe the amazing transformation that took place in Jen’s mother’s kitchen. As part of the renovation, they added the Pottery Barn Seagrass chairs to her mother’s existing dining table.




Jen writes, ” There was a discussion about a new kitchen set, but they were expensive and my Mom’s table was in really good shape and sturdy. We updated it by buying six new chairs from Pottery Barn. It’s like a whole new table. I think they make a ton of difference.”




Make sure to read about the entire renovation on Jen’s blog, JenniferRizzo.com!



How are the chairs holding up? I ordered two for my kitchen (I have the same table as your mom, or similar). My table is oak, so the chairs don’t match perfectly, but I hate for things to match anyway! I was concerned about the sea grass. Has your mom had any problems?

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