Saying Goodbye After Graduation

You’ve graduated high school! CONGRATULATIONS! Now comes the hard part, leaving your friends and loved ones behind. We turned to our Dorm Ambassadors to give you expert advice on saying goodbye after graduation. Plus, they provided awesome ideas for staying in touch!


  • Take a video walking through your school hallway.  It may seem average now, but you’ll love to re-live those steps later!
  • Plan a graduation party or goodbye dinner with all of your friends.
  • At your graduation party pass around a book that has sections for contact info, how you met, and favorite memory.
  • Make your friends a sentimental card or photo album to take with them to college.
  • Make a shared photos folder on your phone and add all your friends, it’s an easy way to share your fun photos and pictures of your new friends in college with everyone.
  • Start a traveling journal and pass it along to your friends. It’s really fun, plus who doesn’t love getting mail?!
  • Make a collaborative Spotify playlist with all of your friends. Put all of your favorite songs you’ve danced and sung together numerous times in one place.
  • Create a GroupMe or WhatsApp with all of your best high school pals to keep in touch. It’s a great way to chat with a large group of people!
  • Plan a weekly phone call/Skype session to stay in touch.
  • Take the time to write letters, getting mail at college is fun!

Tell us your plans for staying in touch after graduation in the comments!

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