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Say Hello to Our Performance Fabric Collection

Life is messy — we get it! Real life isn’t picture perfect — real life has kids jumping on the couch, the dog sleeping on the ottoman and your Great Aunt spilling wine on your favorite chair. The mess is inevitable, and to be honest, your home wouldn’t be the same without it.

However, that doesn’t mean your style has to suffer. That’s why we’ve created our exclusive Performance Fabrics Collection. These fabrics are tough, and designed to stand up to every scuff, stain and spill your family will bring to the table. But don’t worry — we wouldn’t dare compromise on comfort or style.

For spring, we’re offering something brand new: Performance Fabric from Perennials. “This fabric’s practically bulletproof,” says Pottery Barn textile designer Sandra. This high-end fabric now tops our grades of Performance Fabric in durability, style and cost.

Not sure which Performance Fabric is right for you? We’ve summarized the properties of each below, along with Sandra’s tips about using each in your home.

Note: All of our Performance Fabrics easily spot clean and are machine washable.

Bleach cleanable
Linen look, soft feel
Indoor/outdoor friendly
Mold and fade resistant
Water repellent, stain resistant


Sandra’s tip: “Perennial fabric is a great choice for a large upholstered item that you plan on investing in. Since it’s so durable, it’ll last a lifetime.”

Wipes clean easily
Smooth, soft feel
Becomes softer with time
Withstands scuffs and dings


Sandra’s tip: “We consider leather a performance fabric because it looks better and better with time. The scuffs can be rubbed out, so it’s great with children and pets.”

Ultraplush, soft microfiber
Stain and oil resistance
Suitable for heavy duty use
Water repellent
Exclusive to Pottery Barn


Sandra’s Tip: “This suede is one of my favorite fabrics. It stands out in a crowd. The fabric is hand-finished in Italy with a special brushing and bonding technique that makes it look beautiful.”

Long wearing
Extra-soft with a plush pile
Water repellent
Suitable for families with children and pets


Sandra’s Tip: “I love everdayvelvet’s neutrals. When used on a big piece of furniture, you can layer in rugs, drapes and pillows to complete a room with ease.”

Performance Canvas:
Performance fabric with superior feel and look
Water repellent


Sandra’s Tip: “Performance Canvas means that anyone can have a white sofa! Whether you use a slipcover or upholster a new piece, it’s incredibly easy to clean.”

Performance Tweed:
Water repellent
Woven with chenille bouclé yarns for extra softness
Child and pet friendly


Sandra’s Tip: “This Performance Fabric looks just like linen. We added 3 colors to this fabric for Spring — they’re perfect for a fresh, new look in your home.”

Read more about our Performance Fabric collection here. 

Im having trouble speaking to a rep abt my Pearce sectional (which I love) but need to replace the wedge cushion inside. It has worn differently than the rest of the couch and doesn’t look nice.Please have someone contact me abt how to go abt replacing the cushion. thanks. a frustrated good customer…

gm, I’m looking to replace the inside of my wedge cushion from the Pearce sectional or if i have to buy the wedge cushion in stone ultrasuede. We lov the couch and it gets alot of use but that one pillow is much saggier that all the others. I believe its a synthetic pillow inside. thks.jayne cohen

I love the Pottery Barn! The apartment we live in now, a senior living community, is quite small. Before we moved here, or even knew of it, we bought two matching recliners. They are large but have saved my life when I had back surgery. We have other large items that will have to go. It is surprising how difficult it is to sell or even give away these items. They are all in excellent shape just too big.
My word of advice, unless one has relatives or friends that want such items is not to indulge in large furniture unless one plans to build a really large home. Having children takes up space also so consult with experts before one purchases furniture!

We purchased our 3-piece PB Comfort sectional with performance canvas slipcovers last May. We love it!! However after being gone for the winter we have returned to find the canvas is discoloring all over turning yellow. We have sent photos and an e-mail to an address one of your customer service reps gave us. No reply. It is discoloring like an old ships sail or tennis shoes. This is not acceptable especially since we chose the Performance Canvas because you specifically said it is stain resistant. Our home was locked up all winter. it was not discolored when we left in Dec. We are long time PB customers. this is the first problem we have had with your products… please respond. Thank you.

I ordered Performance tweed slipcovers for my pottery barn PB comfort couch and loveseat. The sample showed that no water went through to the other side. When I received my slipcovers I tested this and water went right through unlike on the sample. Did this happen to anyone else? They look and feel great but the whole reason I ordered these was for the spill proof quality of the fabric. I spent almost $2,000 just on the slipcovers alone.

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