Round Up: Good Luck Decor

Luck is something we all want to be on our side and man has concocted a myriad of charms, symbols and rituals to have luck bend to our will.  But don’t think that it’s merely an American preoccupation. Good luck symbols are actually more common than one might think. Turns out, across cultures good fortune is symbolized in a variety of ways from the proverbial rabbit’s foot to finding a penny facing heads up (or is it tails?).  Since we all could use some good luck, we scoured through our designs and selected treasures that do everything from enhancing the flow of good “chi,” to helping obtain longevity and finding true love.  We have gathered symbols of good fortune from Asian to America, so prepare for some good luck heading your way with these finds.

Cranes – One of our favorite new bedding collections is our Crane Scarf Duvet whose beautiful background  incorporates a flock of cranes. According to some cultures, cranes are carriers of happiness, perfect for ushering in sweet and whimsical dreams to give you a good night’s sleep.

Jasmine & Bamboo – Before you leave for a big day at the office you’ll want to tidy up that collar and comb your hairdo in front of our Jasmine Bamboo Mirror. Why? Because legend says that you’ll increase your chances of becoming wealthy by having jasmine and bamboo in your home. Lucky for you (pun intended), we have both in this handcrafted mirror with a gold antiqued finish.

Elephants – The elephant has a long history of symbolizing strength, power, stability and wisdom, especially if their trunks are pointing up. And according to folklore, you’ll want to place our Elephant Scarf Print Pillow facing towards your front door to make sure only good fortune passes through.

Wheel – If you’ve seen the Indian flag, you’ll notice that it has a wheel in the center. That’s because it represents positive energy and good fortune. Our Bullock Cart Wheel table is the perfect addition to your living room to bring positive energy while gathering with friends and loved ones.

Tiger – In Chinese astrology, the tiger represents bravery and protects you from bad energy. If you were born in the Year of the Tiger (1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1987 and 2010) you should definitely hang this tiger print on your wall to show off your zodiac sign!

Hand – A handshake, a wave or high-five always brings out positive vibes but did you know that the symbol of the hand also represents good luck in nearly every Mediterranean culture? You can bolster your good luck and you can showcase your beautiful jewels with our art-inspired Hand Jewelry Cloche!

Horseshoe  – A horseshoe is known to protects one’s home from harm. Some stories state that an upward-pointing horseshoe gathers luck while a horseshoe pointing down symbolize showers of luck on you and your family. Our Luck Horseshoe Crewel Pillow lets you decide.

Keys – In some cultures, a key is among the most important symbols of love. A key given as a gift between two people to symbolize unlocking the “door” to the heart. If keys are hung over a bed upside-down, they are said to grant protection from unwanted nightmares! Hand carved from mango wood, our wooden keys are a perfect accent for a wall or a gift to newlyweds.

We hope you enjoyed learning more about lucky symbols as we did! What designs do you have in your home to bring good luck?

We’d love to see how you’ve decorated for St. Patrick’s Day on Instagram, using #MyPotteryBarn.  Until then may luck always be  on your side!

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