Round Up: Five Mirrors We Can’t Stop Gazing At

Mirror, mirror on the wall – please make my space look the grandest of them all! We can’t get enough of mirrors when it comes to design, especially in smaller spaces. Mirrors not only bring visual depth to a room but for their ability to reflect natural light around a space (cheers to a lower utility bill!). We’ve rounded up our favorite mirrors along with tips and tricks for decorating with these little reflective beauties.

  • Our Miranda Capiz Rounded Mirror is handmade with iridescent capiz shells that create a beautiful luminosity when the light hits the piece. There is no standard rule about the height to install a bathroom mirror. Instead, hang the mirror so the top of it sits a few inches higher than eye level for the tallest person in the home.
  • Mirrors can be displayed in any room, but the entryway is one of our favorite spots. We especially love using the  Bianca Mirror for its unique shape which will definitely add a statement moment in your foyer.
  • Mirrors with ornate frames like the Jasmine Bamboo Mirror can bring in a sense of architecture to a plain space.
  • We love hanging art in our home but what if you can’t decide on a piece?  We like to think of mirrors as  artwork in themselves thanks to ornate options like our Decorative Star mirror Not all mirrors are necessarily made for vanity. This light catching facet has been cut into 16 small panels for gorgeous effect!
  • For apartments that don’t have tons of windows, our Eagan Multipanel Mirror is a perfect substitute. It can even be a perfect addition for windowless offices to brighten up the workday! Rectangular mirrors will help elongate a room and can make a short ceiling seem taller.
  • Click here to shop our entire mirror collection! Click here to see more of our Friday roundups.

    We have 8 foot ceilings. I would love to get an Eagan mirror, however the large is the oo large and the small is too small. Please consider making a medium size.. 4 mirrors x 4 mirrors

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