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How to Pack a Waste-Free Lunch Every Day of the Week

Teaching our kids the importance of taking care of our planet can occur in subtle ways every day. What better opportunity to showcase how to use minimal resources than during one of their favorite times of day — lunch! Instead of crafting a lunch stored in plastic baggies and brought to school in a brown paper bag, all of which will find themselves in the trash can by the time the bell rings, invest in several reusable options that will last throughout the school year and beyond. Today, we’re looking at three easy ways to create a lunch that would make Mother Earth proud. What makes this Earth-friendly lunch even better is that every piece comes in a variety of colors and patterns, letting your child hit the lunchroom in style.


food storage

Keep food fresh and secure until lunch time with bento box containers, which have multiple compartments to keep every part of the meal neatly prepared. Instead of packing snacks in plastic baggies that aren’t as convenient to reuse and could very well end up as playground litter, choose small stainless steel containers or shatter-resistant plastic storage containers for snack times.

reusable water bottles

Opt for a reusable water bottle to keep kids hydrated and happy while cutting down on waste as well as the expense of buying individual bottles of water or juice boxes. Our options are BPA- and lead-free and have a vacuum-sealed lid to avoid spills (and tears!).

customized lunchbox

Easier to tote and clean than plastic or metal lunch boxes, choose a fabric lunch bag that can be customized to your child’s liking based on print and pattern or names and initials. The PEVA interior lining is made without chlorine or plasticizers, so that’s it food safe and friendly to the environment.

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