Recreate the Centerpiece from Athena Calderone’s Spring Dinner Party

Lifestyle expert and cookbook author, Athena Calderone is known for her unique take on laid lack luxury, so it does not surprise us that her interpretation of a table centerpiece would exude that same effortless beauty.  It one of the reasons why we asked Athena to collaborate on a Spring Dinner Party to celebrate our Better Basics tabletop assortment.  Athena’s take on the centerpiece is a beautiful reflection of Spring abundance and casual elegance, proving you don’t need a florist or a ton of extra cash to create a picture-perfect centerpiece for your next dinner party.  Here are three fail proof tips for recreating Athena’s centerpiece:

Centerpiece Tips

Color Palette – Thinking Spring, we chose a soft green palette that we played up with hits of yellow in our florals.  The two colors in the palette complement each other as neither is too bold and support the Spring motif of the party.

Florals – In lieu of the flower market, Athena opted to look at the produce section of her super market for inspiration.   Captivated by the vibrancy of the produce, live artichokes were selected as the focal of the arrangement.  Their beautiful soft green hue and sculptural quality pack a big bang when artfully laid down the center of a table.  Athena and our stylist then selected beautiful wild flowers with a soft yellow color to offset the green and finished the centerpiece with creeping vines.  Best is that at the end of the dinner, most of this arrangement can be used for lunch the next day!

Lighting – Not to be overlooked but lighting plays a central role in a dinner centerpiece’s design.  We used our tall PB Flameless Flicker Candles to add height and drama to the centerpiece. Not only do we like the soft warm glow from these pillar candles, we also love that being flameless, there are no worries about dripping wax or the florals being singed.

Creating a dinner table centerpiece with the right color palette, type of flowers, lighting and special details does not have to be overly complicated or expensive.  Click here and here if you want more decorating tips from Athena on how to throw her Spring Dinner Party!




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