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Q&A: Photographer Lupen Grainne

Like many of the visual arts, becoming a successful photographer is no easy feat — particularly in a time where iPhone photos often steal the limelight. So California photographer Lupen Grainne, whose unique work is sold at Pottery Barn, is a true diamond in the rough — particularly since she’s self taught! “It’s all been a journey of inspiration and exploring,” she says. “And of course, some YouTube tutorials have really saved me a few times.”

Grainne’s stunning work brings nature to the home in a compelling way. Take a look at some of her newest work and learn about her process and inspiration, below.  lupen2

Q: How would you describe your approach towards photography?

A: My approach to photography is pretty random. I can be very inspired for a week solid, going on outings, having ideas for still lifes and creating lots of images. Other times, I’m more focused on other projects, like painting or music, so I won’t do any photography for a week.

I feel like all creative mediums and pursuits influence each other. Working in other mediums definitely affects my photography’s composition, color and texture.


Q: How have you honed your style over the years?

A: Over the years, my style has emerged mostly from experimenting with different ways to compose my shots and edit them. It is continually evolving. What looks or feels right to me last year might not be the same this year.

What I love about this kind of creative photography is that I don’t have to make images that I hope someone will like. Instead, I just follow what really inspires me — the possibilities are kind of endless this way.


Q: Where do you like to find inspiration?

A: I find my inspiration in many ways, but mostly finding things out in nature, like a beautiful landscape or a flowering tree or seed pods fallen from a plant for a still life. I’m also inspired by color combinations, like green and aqua, or a kind of muted monochrome palette with gradations of all the same color. So I look for certain color combinations and create images from those ideas.


Q: What is one of your new, favorite pieces?

A: The “Touch of Spring” (above)  is one of my very favorite pieces, I have this one in my house and never tire of its sort of humble cheerfulness, and of course the pink — I have a lot of pink decor in my house.

lupen grainne san francisco

Lupen Grainne (pictured above)  is a professional photographer who lives in Northern California. See more of her work at Pottery Barn.

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