Prized Boards: Autumnal Inspiration

Can you feel the crackle of fall in the air? We certain can, which is why we’re so excited to be pinning images of pumpkins, mum, leaves and other iconic autumnal imagery on our newest Pinterest board, Autumnal Decorating by Pottery Barn.



We’ve rounded up four of our current favorite images from the board. To learn more about them, keep reading.

  1. We love the idea of using an old trophy cup to showcase one of our favorite fall fruits—persimmons! If you’re not familiar with this fantastic fruit, learn more about it on Taste.
  2. Here’s another fun vessel idea for displaying fall foliage: a beer stein! Whether it’s metal or ceramic, this is the perfect season to break it out.
  3. Ah, lovely! This farmhouse table (which looks quite similar to our Sumner Dining Table) is absolutely stunning. The colors here are perfection, and we love the contrast of the more classic gingham upholstery on the chairs with the shibori-look blanket.
  4. Mums are perhaps the flower of fall, and we love how they’ve been paired here with more delicate pink roses. The white mini pumpkins are the perfect accompaniment to the bouquet.

Want to feel even more inspired? Head over to our newest Pinterest board, Autumnal Decorating by Pottery Barn.

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