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Behind the Design: Pottery Barn’s Summer Octopus Serving Pedestal

Sea creatures are a natural decorating motif for the summer months, and this year we’re seriously crushing on the figural octopus creations available for entertaining and decorating your table. Our favorite out of all of the choices, though, is the Octopus Serving Pedestal.  We caught up with Pottery Barn in-house designer Tony to find out what went behind his design for this piece.




Tony told us that he was initially inspired by a piece of octopus jewelry he’d picked up on a trip to Hawaii, and thought it would be fun to adapt the octopus for tabletop. “Summer is a time in tabletop that we can really play,” Tony told us. “There’s a little saying that’s come up for us that I’ve latched onto, and it’s, ‘What’s the thing that’s the thing.’ The way I look at it is, you look at it as the design, the aesthetic and the functionality. These elements can be married in many ways, but when you’re talking about the whimsicality and the fun that embodies Pottery Barn products, there are a few places where we can really play.”

When it comes to the Pottery Barn Octopus Serving Pedestal, Tony believes that people are responding directly to this idea of “the thing that is the thing.” In the case of the octopus, the arms actually hold up the plate. “As a whole, it’s telling a story and it makes you smile when you see it.”

We’re certainly smiling when we look at the Octopus Serving Pedestal. How would you use this unique serving piece?

Dear Tony,
I need to replace the glass serving dish on my Octopus Serving Pedestal. It broke while in transit. Is there any way I can get just the glass dish? Please let me know.

I am hoping to find out what the weight this piece can hold?? Would like to possibly use it as a cake stand for our wedding.

Thank you,

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